How do I get a deal?
Sign up with your name, email, address and Amazon reviewer URL. Once you’re setup, we will review your account and you will start receiving offers you can take advantage of. All you have to do is log into Amazon, put in the provided promo code, and checkout. When the product arrives, try it out and then leave your honest product review. That’s it!

What if I don’t like the product?
The companies we partner with have worked very hard on their products. We hope that you are pleased with the products you receive. However, the purpose of PrimeReviewers is to create an honest conversation about products. We encourage you to leave product feedback that will be beneficial to those looking at the products after you. Should there be a product defect, we ask that you contact the seller directly so that it can be replaced to be sure you get the best experience.

How long do I have to leave a product review?
We ask that you leave the review within 1 week of getting the item. The product manufacturers need your feedback which is why they are willing to give you free or deeply discounted merchandise. Shoppers who do not leave reviews will not be eligible for additional promos.

Can I get more than one deal at a time?
Right now, to ensure that all of our PrimeReviewers have the same advantage, we only allow one deal at a time.

Is there a good format for reviews?
There are many different ways to write a great review. The main thing is to be thorough and honest. A good template for a solid review is to list the pros and cons of the product and if you would recommend it to friend.